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What is LARP?
LARP or Live Action Role Play, what is it?

I'll start from the beginning. 
If you have ever acted in
theater, or played the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons, you have experienced both major parts of LARPing; minus the combat. Combat is replicated through either foam padded melee weapons or NERF projectile weapons. You must choose whether you want to attend the LARP as a player or an NPC. A player stays the same character all weekend and advances to the next game. An NPC plays many different character and or monsters all weekend. The great thing about NPCing is that you can usually do it for free!

LARP Genres

Fantasy/Medieval: Games are written and played similarly to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones.

Post Apocalyptic: Games are written and played similarly to movies and video games such as Mad Max or Fallout.

Survival:These are one shot games where the player is only allowed to die once. They often have a zombie or horror theme to them. 

Steam Punk:  These games combine science fiction and sometimes fantasy that incorporates costumes,
weapons and designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

Horror: Horror LARPs can be set in the modern era or really anytime in history. They are written with plots to scare players with characters inspired by HP Lovecraft etc. 

Head over to our Find
a LARP Page to find one suitable to play. 

Here is a
run down of how an average LARP event goes...

You arrive on a Friday evening; events usually take place 2 weekends a year in spring and fall. Events often take place at YMCA or boy scout camps.

You are either assigned a cabin or pick one where
your in game group is sleeping.

Proceed to the Plot/NPC Center to check in get your character card, in game items and have your weapons checked.
If you need help making weapons, please send an email to We would love to help you out!

After check in, put on your costume and or
make up.
Check out our blog and Pinterest page for costume making tips. 

Attend the opening meeting and your weekend has begun!

Have fun, role play, fight and get into your character. You only have 3 days to experience as much as you can!

Oh and what is a Mod Building?

The Mod Building is a building on the site of LARP that staff will use to replicate caves,
mines and dungeons for players to go through. Great things can always be found in them; such as, treasure, traps and undead!